Prague Highlights

In May 2016, Dan and I visited the classic city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Wow! What a fabulous experience!! Prague is on the “must-visit” list of many travelers, and for good reason. Here I will share just a few of my afterthoughts, including my personal favorites and “bests” of the trip.

Favorite View:

  • Prague Castle and Charles Bridge at twilight and at night

Favorite Sights to Visit:

  • Prague Castle
  • Charles Bridge with street musicians

Charles Bridge Performers

Favorite Experiences:

  • Mumford & Sons Concert (A-Mazing!!)
  •  Vysehrad – We chanced upon this old castle on a hill overlooking the Vltava River in our quest to find a festival our host told us about (which we never found!)… and I’m so glad we found this gem instead! The surrounding grounds and park area had beautiful views of Prague from outside the main city center, and seemed like the perfect place for locals to hang out, have picnics, and play sports together on a Sunday afternoon. We also found a delightful café on the grounds, with excellent service, nice ambience, and delicious beer!

Best Beer:

  • Strahov Monastery “Amber Ale”

Best Coffee:

  • Café Lounge: great coffee, actually from the Barn roasters in Berlin; tasty breakfast with fresh fruit, muesli, and yogurt; good ambience

Cafe Lounge

  •  Tricafe: good coffee; delicious cinnamon rolls; cute and non-touristy atmosphere very close to Charles Bridge



Best Restaurant:

  •  Mlejnice Zatecka: delicious goulash in a bread bowl and steak with mushrooms; cute place, great atmosphere


**If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Also, if you’ve visited Prague, what were your favorites and “bests”?




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