Quote of the Week

This week’s quote comes from one of my favorite authors and speakers, Elizabeth Gilbert. She did an amazing talk for Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions called “Flight of the Hummingbird – The Curiosity Driven Life”.

The entire talk really resonated with me as often throughout my life I have wondered what my true passion is. I have discovered life passions along the way, but I never had that one driving passion to DO one thing or BE one thing from early on in life. I had already determined that maybe this was just me, that this was just the way my life course would run, and that this was okay. But it was nice nonetheless to hear Liz’s take on things…

“Curiosity only does one thing, and that is to give. And what it gives you are clues on the incredible scavenger hunt of your life…

If you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead you to your passion.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert

Sardinia ItalySardinia, Italy, October 2015


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